Keep It 300

Yesterday, my Twitter feed was all a buzz about an article about a woman who is making 300 sandwiches for her boyfriend so that they can get engaged.  Now, when I first heard anything about it, I was looking at the reactions from both men and women.  Guys, of course were singing the same praises to the woman; claiming that they love sandwiches and wish a woman would make them one too.  Women, at least the loudest ones, were outraged.  One comment stuck out to me the most.

Why should a woman jump through hoops just to earn an engagement ring?  I would lower myself like that for a man.  He’s not even that fine.

So out of curiosity (ok, I’m a lowkey foodie!) I checked out the article.  I read their story.  Found out how they met.  Saw where the 300 Sandwich challenge came from.  Even looked at some of the sandwiches that have been made (which as of today, is 177 which is 170 more than I knew) and came to one conclusion.

This is really romantic.

This is a woman who has been in a relationship for over a year and her boyfriend(who she only refers to as “E”) loves sandwiches.  He even puts a sandwich over sex as far as intimacy, and I can see that.  I’ve always said that in a relationship if you want to know how deep my love runs for you, pay attention to what I do (and don’t) cook for you.  I love cooking.  I also love a man who loves to eat.  So for me, I understand where her boyfriend is coming from.  There’s a level of love that goes into food, and this woman is expressing her love for him in every piece of bread.  When you love someone, isn’t that what you do?  Which is why I didn’t understand the outrage/backlash.

I didn’t see any “hoops” that he was making her go through, nor did I see this blogger being in any way “lowered” for her actions.  I saw a woman unafraid of a challange.  I see a man who is happy in his relationship.  I see a couple who, because of this, is growing closer with each sandwich.  I’ll be reading, because whether or not she makes it to 300 sandwiches…I know she’s getting the engagement.

Oh yeah, and for the recipes.



The List: No. 13

13. Run a 5K

In keeping with my year “to-do” list, I got the opportunity to run in my very first 5K race! It was everything and nothing I expected it to be.

First, I didn’t “train”. I always envisioned training as something I stuck to everyday for ten weeks. I’d drink raw eggs, I’d run up stadium stairs with a sack of sand on my back, and do ridiculous amounts of strength training. Instead, when I was in the mood to run, I ran. I actually had forgotten about the race until a month before. I was just focusing on being able to run for miles at a time without stopping (which is 3, thank you very much!).

Second, I underestimated the event. The run I participated in was Electric Run, which appealed to my fascination with neon lights. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one. The race registration was sold-out in just 6 hours! That added to both my anxiety about not being a “true runner” and the determination to become one. The day of the event, I was serious. I stretched and made my way to the start line. What I was greeted with was hundreds of running groups in costumes! There were glow-in-the-dark track suits, neon wigs, body paint, butterfly wings, tutus, rainbow socks. You name it, it was there.

“Did I miss the memo? So, why so serious Tiff? Relax.”

So that’s what I did. All alone. In a crowd full of costumes and tech music, I relaxed. Yes, this was a race but it also became an experience. The lights, the music, everything was here for me to take in. So at the start of my race, I jogged and took it all in. I was running MY race, MY way. I became one with my breath. No distractions of my own doing. No negative inner dialogue. Just me, my breathing, and the beautiful visuals provided on the trail.

It lasted 39 minutes on pavement. It lingers as one of my biggest accomplishments this year.