Halfway To Happy



I kept noticing on my Twitter feed a few people participating in a challenge.  The challenge was to post everyday for 100 days something that makes you happy.  You could start anytime and use any platform you choose to.  Curious, I went on to the website to sign up for my 100 Days of Happy.  I picked a date: May 1. I even picked the platform: Instagram (which you can check out my collection of happy!), which was going to get me to be more consistent posting there AND fuel my passion for photography.  I was ready to take on the challenge and really stick to it.   Now that I’m half-way through this challenge, I look back on how far I’ve come and anticipate what lies in the other 50 days.




I knew starting it in May (my birthday month) that I had at least ONE day that would be a happy day for me, but what about the other 99?  I started feeling like I had to plan my happy days; that my normal, everyday life wasn’t happy enough. I saw my life as lacking happiness and this challenge was going to make me finally have some happiness.  So I actually started to actively seek happiness; even planning days in advance what I was going to post, just in case I don’t have one for a day.  But in an instant, it didn’t feel right.  It felt forced, and I no longer like to live my life forcing anything.  If it comes from me, I wanted to come from my heart.  I want to be authentic and genuine in all of my actions.   It also felt deceptive.  Why would I post a picture on Day 12 of what makes me happy, when it actually made me happy on Day 3?  I had to step out of my own way and lose control (in a sense).  The challenge is about being in tune to what makes me happy.  Sure, I can “plan” events and “construct” what I think happiness is, or I can really pay attention.




I can notice this world I live in more aware than I may have perceived myself to me.   I can really pay attention to what makes me happy and see that something as simple as feeling the sun warming up my skin, or a cinnamon roll can really get my endorphin going .  And what if I already posted something that made me happy that day and I experience another wave of happiness?  I posted that, too!  This challenge so far has made me more open to happiness coming into my life (and it has been pouring in!).  I wake up knowing that happiness will come to me.  I set my intentions on it during my meditation.  I find myself at so much peace and less stressed.  I am, in fact, happier.   So I definitely encourage any and everyone to take the 100 Happy Days challenge  and to get you started, check out the clip below that definitely made me happy today.


2 thoughts on “Halfway To Happy

  1. Hi there. I can’t tell you that I’ll be signing up for this 100 days of happy thing, but I will say that you have sparked an idea for a post. I’ll link you when I do.
    I like your thoughts though.

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