What’s That Ford Slogan Again?


I don’t love my job.




It’s not that I HATE my job, because I don’t.  I’m not even ungrateful for my job, because I’m grateful for the work I do.  Lately, I’ve been wondering what else was out there for me.  In December of last year, I was offered a job at another location with more pay (before my raise).  I was immediately intrigued and gripped with fear over going to a new job to start over.  I had everything set up where I am now.  But my gut was pushing me to at least hear the other company out.  But I never did.  Instead, I told my boss that another company, after hearing rave reviews about me, wanted me to work for them.  My boss looked me dead in the eyes and said, “I don’t think that would be a good idea.  You shouldn’t leave.”  And I didn’t.  I stayed exactly where I’ve always been, but I felt bad about it.  I felt I was given an opportunity and I allowed fear AND the opinion of another keep me where I’ve been for the past three years.    But this year…..this year has been different.   Oprah once said that the Universe will send you signs in a whisper, and if you ignore the whisper that it’ll turn into something much louder that you can no longer ignore it.   I’ve heard whispers this year.  They turned into rumbles.  This week?  Two people in particular turn them into screams.



I won’t pretend to act as if I care about basketball, but hearing about LeBron James exercising his right to terminate his contract (early) to become a free agent was a story that I couldn’t ignore.  Starting July 1, he’ll have plenty of options to choose from on where he would like to take his talents next.   A lot of fans– of the Heat or for LeBron, I can’t really tell — seem to be devestated by this news; even going so far as to call him a “traitor”.  They love to remind all of us that Michael Jordan never left the Bulls and he won lots of championships.  I can see both sides.  I can see him just finishing up his contract and then leave; there’s nothing wrong with that.  I can also see how you would want to see how you would fit in at another team.  In his profession (I imagine), you go where you feel you would have the best chance of winning.  He’s also very young.  LeBron got me to thinking a lot about why I’ve stayed at my job.



Angie Martinez, the “Voice of NY” radio, announced that after 15 years on Hot 97, she was leaving the station.  If that wasn’t shocking enough, later on that day it was revealed that she was joining the Power 105.1 roster.  I remember when I heard the news and was extremely happy for her.   This seemed like a very lucrative, smart career move.  She wanted to try new things and expand and evolve as a radio personality.  My co-worker, however, didn’t share my sentiment.  She called her act “treason” and that it made her sick to her stomach that she would betray her home (Hot 97) to work for their “enemy” (Power 105.1).  Really?  I started thinking about all the people who have quit their job and went into unknown territory and did just fine.  Sure it was scary, money was funny, and mistakes were made.  However, they came out better than they would’ve if they stayed at their current spot.   After watching/listening to her interview, I completely understood.  She just wanted a change and felt she had a better shot doing that at Power 105.1 than she would’ve with her previous employer.  Sometimes when you’re at a job, no matter how much you move around in the company, you hit a ceiling.  You do all you can do in that space and that may be good for you, but for others it isn’t good enough.  Angie gave me the confirmation.




I think I’m on the verge of quitting my job.

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