You’re Doing It All Wrong

How’s your New Year’s Resolution holding up?  I’ve been checking out my list  just to see how far along I am in accomplishing what I set out to do for the year.  So I stare at my list that is as pretty and crispy as the day I wrote it, which is bad.  Half the year is over and I haven’t crossed off a single thing.  This is the same issue I had last year and I wonder, Are my goals too lofty?  Did I expect too much for 12 months?  Why can’t I get serious?  But what I’ve learned is that my goals are lofty. They are, however, are doable.   Here’s how I’m handling one of them:


2. Donate $500 to charity


Now looking at this has given me much angst because I’m approaching it as if I have to give the lump sum to one organization.  Then I stress over which I’d give to and then the saving.  This week, I re-read about having a system vs. goals.  If I’ve applied this to my workouts and blog, why wouldn’t I do this with my resolutions?



So I’m going to spread the $500 out into various charities each pay period.  If I donate 10% of my check to an organization (or a struggling small business), then I’ll reach this goal by next month!  I plan to do this with the other 13 as well!  Just thought I’d share this with anyone struggling, like I was.  Maybe this is a good time (if you’ve fallen off the new year’s resolution bandwagon) to create a mid-year resolution list and get back to it!


Enjoy your holiday!




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