Saturday Sitdown Vol. 3

Talking Loud & Saying Nothing 

I started reading a new book by Marc Ecko and I came across a section in the book about your personal brand and social media.   Here’s the excerpt:

The digital grid of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and Tumblr give the illusion that you can ‘create a brand’ just by typing 140 characters.  A brand does more than talk, a brand does more than just cultivate perception.  Think about what your brand is without the crutch of social media and words, and make sure that it can stand on its own actions.  Talk is cheap without action.

Words. Action. Two different things. Know the distinction, and quit talkin’ loud and sayin’ nothing.  The great equilizer for WHAT YOU SAY is how you will EXECUTE.

Naturally, I start to think about what I’m doing with my own blog.  What is my personal brand?  What I know for sure is that I want my life and my words to help someone out there that may be in a similar situation.  This life is a journey and I want people to feel like they’re on this ride with me.  But in order to do that, I have to live.  And I don’t mean me just going out and putting myself in compromising positions because it would make for a great post and people will like it,  but not to be afraid and chase after my dream.  Figuring out what makes me who I am, because for so long I’ve lived for other people.  I’m still piecing myself together but I’m not where I used to be.  Whew!   But even offline, I’m the “go-to” for friends who are going through a difficult time.  I give them advice and insight on what I’ve been through to show that you can make it through.  So  my challenge is to not just give my personal perspective and advice through my blog, but to actually live my life authentically.

What is your personal brand saying on and off the internet?

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