Saturday Sitdown Vol. 4

Let me tell you about the time I lost my dog and the lesson I learned from it.


my dog


This cute little Lab-Chow mix is Jo-Jo.  My first real pet.  One day, after someone came to my apartment just being a pill, Jo-Jo got out of his leash and ran out the front door.  I immediately became frantic as I searched high and low for my dog.  I tried to retrace every step that I felt he made.  I asked the kids in the neighborhood if they saw him.  They all did, but none of them could catch him.  So I kept looking for him.  I noticed that it was starting to get dark and on the other side of my development is a three-lane highway.  On the other side of the trees?  The major highway.  My fear that he could’ve possibly been hit or ran over sent me into hysterics.  I begun screaming his name over and over again; clinging to his favorite treats and his leash, hoping to find not just my dog, but my friend.  Then something said to me, “Stop searching. Go home”.   At that point, I was too tired to even put up a defense, so I made my way back to my apartment when I saw Jo-Jo.  He was sitting; waiting, outside the apartment development for me.  When I came close, he licked my arm and snuggled up close to me as I managed to put his collar and leash back on him and we went home.


When two things (or people, or pet for that matter) are looking for each other, you’re constantly on the move.  Let’s put it like this: If you’re searching for “The One” and that person is also searching for “The One”, how do you find each other?  You’ll keep chasing each other aimlessly around this globe and never find one another.  Eventually in order to be “found”, you have to stand still.  One of y’all got to stop moving, otherwise you’ll never find one another.  Lucky for me, Jo-Jo stood still and waited for me.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Sitdown Vol. 4

    1. In that moment, I was scared to death; legit hyperventilating. I started understanding why my parents never let me have a dog growing up. Good thing I calmed down enough to just stop doing everything and let what I was looking for find me.

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