That’s FOMO!

Over the weekend, I had a taste of what it was really like to disconnect.  I talked about how I would be more present in my life and I even started implementing a few ways to just connect back to myself:

  • I stopped using my cell phone as an alarm clock.
  • Actually, I stopped bringing my cell phone into the bedroom, period!
  • No social media app will be opened until 8:00 a.m.
  • No reading or responding e-mails until 9:00 a.m. (my inbox overwhelms me on a daily)
  • No text messages, unless it’s an absolute emergency, until 8:00 a.m.

I did all of this in an effort to put myself first in the morning and it worked.  That is, until I woke up Friday morning just not caring.  I didn’t care what the trending topic was.  I didn’t care to know whose aunt was coming in for the weekend or what holiday party someone couldn’t stand to be at.  I just felt out of alignment in a sense.  So I went throughout my day, at work (which is where I’m always on social media) not on any site.  I wasn’t connected….and didn’t miss it at all.


Saturday was a sweet repeat of Friday: I spent time with friends off the phone (they, on the other hand…..) celebrating a birthday and having a good time.  Sunday was spent in bed with Netflix, the perfect combination. I felt clear minded and refreshed  Then Monday came, and I broke my digital fast.  I saw tweet after tweet and felt completely out the loop on whatever topic was up for discussion for the day.  I’ll admit that I did miss some of my more mystic tweeters (because they’ve been so inspirational this month), but I didn’t get a big case of the FOMO.  What’s FOMO?

Fear. Of. Missing. Out. 

The biggest hurdle in most people putting their phones down is that we feel we may miss out on something.  What that thing is?  I don’t know.   Technology has made is so convenient to stay informed 24/7 about any and everything that we become overwhelmed.  Seriously, have you ever been in the middle of a meeting and have a notification go off on your phone?  Why do I need to know that there’s a 30% off sale on flights at 3:45 in the morning?!  But I’ve been a victim of FOMO before; I’ve scrolled down a page to see what was talked about while I was away.  I’ve clicked on a hashtag to find out why it was started or what people were saying.  I’ve glared at my phone in the middle of the night and refreshed a page more times than I can count.   Last weekend taught me that I can survive without checking my app.  Next year, I’ll probably go longer without being connected.   Maybe a week.  Maybe longer.  I’m sure I won’t miss anything.



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