Saturday Sitdown Vol. 7

It’s the last Saturday of the year and I have to say, this has been a real eye-opening year full of incredible highs and some heart breaking lows. So as we go into 2015 together, my message is to enjoy the sweet spots.


What is a sweet spot? Well, it’s whatever makes you feel good in the moment. So often we’re rushing through life; bouncing from one task to another. We feel overwhelmed with e-mails or the morning news. We get to work and get piled with deadline after deadline…all while being everything to everybody else. So a sweet spot could be lunch at your favorite restaurant, a song on the radio, a conversation with a good friend. Whatever moment that allows you to really slow down and feel fully present are the sweet spots in life. This year, I’ve been paying attention to mines. It’s the few extra minutes in bed when the alarm goes off. The morning cup of green tea. Yoga. Moments of silence in my office. They all keep me enjoying daily life just a little more.

Think about how you can luxuriate in the sweet spot more. If you don’t have one, then what a beautiful place to be! Think of what one thing you can do daily to bring sweetness into it. Is it a trip to a coffee shop? Meditation? A scented soap to use in the shower? The choice is yours! I challenge you to really get still, get centered, and enjoy the sweet spots today and the days after that.

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