Saturday Sitdown: Vol.8

I tend to make decisions in my life that most people don’t understand. Like the time in the 8th grade when I thought it would be dope to wear black lipstick. Or the time when I drove to New Orleans on a whim with no money and no place to stay. Oh, and my desire to go skydiving. I’ve always been a “I’ll try just about anything once” girl…and being a woman has played a primary role in where a lot of opposition to my decisions come from. So imagine my (not so) shock when my recent decision to fly halfway around the world alone has caused a lot of concern.  

Recently, I told my parents about my trip and their response was that of any protected parent over their baby girl: they were concerned. Visibly upset.  They even began to convince me to not go on the trip. I appreciate my parents and people like them; they care about me. I feel and reicieve that energy. I also identify that their concerns are just that. Theirs.  

I’m doing something so daring, so bold, so out of the ordinary that it causes concern. I understand it, but I’m learning to trust my impulsive guy decisions more. So for this sit-down, I want to leave you with a quote from my favorite book. 

In the book, The Dream Giver, there’s a passage that has always stuck out to me (and I’m paraphrasing here): 

When you decide to step outside of your comfort zone, you unknowingly force others around you to step outside of their own comfort zone.  Many will resist because they are comfortable where they are. Others will realize that they need to change and begin the steps to leave their Familiar.  

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