Everybody Loves A (Writing) Challenge!

I have a ritual every morning: read one MindBodyGreen article. MindBodyGreen is a wellness website that has basically guided me on the path to being a better me.  They talk about sex, relationships, spirituality, and everything inbetween.  I love this website.  So this morning, as I was going through the backlog of articles that I wanted to take the time to read, I came across this article on Transformation.  More specifically, the series of questions you should be asking yourself to transform into a better version of you.

So I decided to turn that into a writing challenge as well as a personal growth challenge.  Starting Monday, for the next 100 days, I’ll be answering the questions.   I will do it as openly and as honestly as I can. I read the first 4 questions but decided to stop.  Why?  I want to be as surprised by the question of the day as you are (or care to be).  So if you would like to join me, I encourage you to check out the article and while you’re there, just sign-up to receive daily e-mail notifications for MindBodyGreen.  I look forward to answering 100 questions about myself.

This is not a paid post.  Just me being a really big fan of MindBodyGreen’s website. Seriously guys, they have no idea that I’m doing any of this.  I just thought it would be fun

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