100 Questions: Day 1

Where is my heart guiding me? 

I use to be a person who needed a lot of distractions. Be it music, social networking, even my own daydreams. But lately, I’ve found a peace in silence.  In fact, I luxuriate in it.  I know now why I need the silence: to be able to hear the sound of my inner voice. My heart. My intuition. When I was distracted, I second and third guessed myself a lot. I talked myself down and out of multiple opportunities.  Now? I can hear myself fully.  The answer to this question came to me in meditation this morning. 

Growth and Discovery

Spending more time in nature, like I’m doing at this very second. Slowing down my walk and speech. Letting “I’ll think about it” be a complete answer. Staying present and open. Take the breaks that are needed. Unplug every once in a while. Create something daily. Get back into dancing. Read more books. Forgive yourself and others more. Work up a good sweat. Drink more water. Don’t take life so seriously. 

Tarot Card of the Day: The Hierophant (one of my favorites). The mentor. This card is all about knowledge. You’ve learned all you can on your own and now it’s time for a teacher to come to you. Keep your heart and mind open and your teacher will appear to you. 

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