100 Questions: Day 8

What concerns am I willing to release? 

A couple of nights ago, I had a dream that was less about the person (my ex) and more about what everything in the dream represented. In a nutshell, I’m moving West. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, and I don’t even know when. I’ve been feeling the tug to move since mid-June last year. But it always stayed a desire of mines. Slowly, that desire turned into a warning of sorts. And the signs were there: 

  • I’m becoming increasingly okay with not making my current job my life
  • I can “feel” the winds of change happening
  • California would randomly pop up on a show or in my mind and I would instantly smile
  • Any “where should you live?” quiz always had me in California 

The one concern that I will voluntarily give away is wondering if I’m making the right decision.  Not just with moving, but with any change I decide to make in my life. So often, I’m somewhere weighing the pros and cons of a decision or analyzing every angle that I don’t make a decision at all. I fail to take the risk. I miss the opportunity. How will I know a choice is right or wrong if I never make one? It may be safer, but it’s not living. I have to stretch farther than I can reach. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Three of Wands. You’ve received continued support from others (maybe your parents or two close friends) and with their help, it has shaped who you are. But this card is encouraging you to now look to yourself for guidance. Clarify your goals, cast out other people’s needs and opinions. The future is infinite and yours. No one can see through its shadows and light but you. 

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