100 Questions: Day 10

What is my body craving? 

Well, if we’re talking about the present moment, it would be a massage. I’ve begun increasing the length and intensity of my workouts and I am truly sore. Plus, I crave the pampering and the attention that comes with a good spa day.  There is another thing my body is craving: being in nature. 

I felt extremely anxious on my ride home yesterday. Attempting to distract myself, I went on my usual sites, but that seemed to make it worse.  I went to my stand-by of Candy Crush and instantly felt bored. That’s when I put my phone down and looked out the window to see the sun setting. It was so beautiful and serene. As I walked home, I took my headphones out and just listened to nature. I felt calm and grounded.  The times where I’ve felt truly relaxed was when I opted to take my lunch breaks at the nearby park at my job; placing my back against a tree and just breathing.  My body, mind, and soul needs time in nature. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Three of Pentacles.  The task ahead is a monumentous one. Discipline, strategy, and hard work are needed. If you become weary or overwhelmed, rely on those around you. You may need the strength of others to conquer that mountain. 

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