100 Questions: Day 17

Where can I take responsibility for my outcome? 

This felt like a trick question, and all day I felt this “hurdle” in there that I couldn’t quite leap over. The “hurdle” is my belief that you can’t control an outcome. Things happen. Life comes at you fast. Perspectives blur the intention. So to take responsibility for an outcome means that you control the outcome; which I don’t feel you truly do. 

With all of that said, the responsibility lies in my intention and my response. I am in control of me. The Universe co-writes me. I’m responsible for the outcome of me. 


Tarot Card of the Day: The Lovers. The lovers card is a welcomed sight, as it suggests a beautiful and strong relationship on the horizon.  Yes, you’ll experience all the thrills of desire and romance, but meanwhile you’ll be building a strong foundation together. The Lovers honor and respect each other and with that, they can go anywhere. 

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