100 Questions: Day 18

What challenges from my past can I celebrate overcoming? 

I survived a broken heart which, I would not wish on anybody because it feels exactly how it sounds: your heart literally feels like it’s breaking. I watched a man that I loved fall in love with another woman and it was painful. I survived a deep depression. I made it through suicidal thoughts and prayers. I found myself after losing my identity. I made it through verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse without it hardening my heart.  I made it through being a teen mom.  I waded the waters of being unemployed with only a nickel to my name. I made it through losing my biggest supporters, three times. 

So I’m celebrating going through “What’s The Worse That Can Happen?” and making it to the other side stronger, sweeter, and wiser.  Normally, I try not to look back at my past but for now, I can celebrate how far I’ve actually come. 


Tarot Card of the Day: The Fool.  The fool is ready to fly. Is he ready? Will he fall?  This is a card about beginnings. It points to the side of you that’s spontaneous, excited, naive, and inexperienced. Others will doubt your abilities. Be ready to be called “the fool”. Be ready to fall.  No matter what people say about you, this is your journey…and it’s already begun. 

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