100 Questions: Day 20

What expectations am I ready to release? 

I have a good friend who would always tell me, “Manage your expectations.” So this question automatically made me think of him. We all have some level of expectations in our lives; like if I go to Trader Joe’s, I expect them to have cookie butter on the shelves. When you go to work, you do so expecting a paycheck. Or when you go to a restaurant, you expect the food to be good.  Those are acceptable. 

What expectations aren’t, at least for me?  Having my natural hair grow to my waist next year. Oh, and there’s the expectation that my first house will be a single story home.  That my next relationship will be adventurous.  And my astral projection will be life altering. Because the truth of the matter is certain expectations can take you out of the present and have you so fixated on the outcome, that you’re disappointed when it doesn’t happen the way you see it.  

Expectations can be great for setting an intention, but it can also box you in to one outcome when Life could give you so many more.  So I release the expectation of everything going my way. I want everything to go the way it’s suppose to go. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Three of Cups. The three of cups is a lovely card. It foresees you in the company of amazing friends, casting memories together that you’ll forever hold dear. These are people with whom you feel a rare connection to; who you truly feel “yourself” around. Enjoy each minute of their company. 

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