100 Questions: Day 21

How is life asking me to grow right now? 

I’ve written about him twice before, but my involvement and most recent seperation of HomieLoverFriend was less about him and more about myself. Our meeting wasn’t a coincidence and during our season, Life asked me to grow in several ways.  

1. What is it about you that you need to work on?  When I was with him, I was dating myself. Literally. He represented the worst of who I was and some habits that I still inhabited. There were moments when he would say a fear aloud and it resonated with me and I had to confront it for my own personal growth. 

2.  A person can only love you where they are. This became immediate once I realized he would never make a commitment to me. When I noticed that he was waiting for my “other shoe” to drop. When he only saw me as a collective, instead of as an individual.  People can only do what they know. 

3. Trust that you made the right decision. I’ve been notorious for sticking around a man well after their expiration date. I hold on to a promise of a reconciliation or the hope that their minds will be changed. But, that ends up with me wasting time and blocking the person who is suppose to be in my life. So when I made the choice to walk away, he did what I use to do: he got petty online. Posting subliminal messages, painting his life to be grand now that I’m not around, which pokes a wound that I’ve always had. But in those moments, I trust myself and my judgement and know that I made the right decision for my life. It has made me more confident. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Eight of Wands. The Eight of Wands strikes like lightning. It is a card of news, change, or clarity in an unresolved situation. You may hear from an old friend out of the blue, or receive some surprising news that shifts the direction of your course. It can also mean literal movement is on the horizon so be ready to travel. 

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