100 Questions: Day 22

How have I let fear dictate my actions? 

Fear has kept me from doing a lot of things. Especially the fear of the unknown. 

That fear alone has caused me to not fill out applications for fellowships, has stopped me from moving out of the city and quitting my job. Fear causes me to go the “safe” route; the route that I know that has me coasting, if not just “getting by.” And while it’s fine for a moment, sooner or later something tugs on my soul asking me to go further. 

Fear of rejection has made me pass on a lot of relationships, romantic and platonic. Again, the results are similar; I’ll convince myself that I’m doing well all while my soul longs for more interpersonal relationships.  Fear is meant to protect the body against danger, so I understand its purpose. But you have to be willing to want the outcome more. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Son of Pentacles.  The good side is that he’s loyal and determined. He’s inventive and can be trusted. But sometimes this figure becomes stubborn and persistent to a fault. This, combined with his quiet nature results in him being hard to get to know and socially awkward at times. 

2 thoughts on “100 Questions: Day 22

  1. Learn to embrace this type of fear! Let it excite you more than scare you. Just know that taking chances is a big part of living, feeling alive! So what if it doesn’t work out. And don’t forget, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” -WG

    1. The last fellowship that I applied for, I was so afraid of rejection, that I found a boldness in me that was energizing. And when I got my rejection letter, I smiled! I’m just going to go for it from now on.

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