100 Questions: Day 27

What has my intuition been trying to tell me? 

It’s time for a change. On all fronts of my life. In the physical aspect, I’ve become very restless at work and home. I’ve been having dreams and receiving signs that I should start looking West or even abroad (a fantasy of mines is to live in London).  

With office crush, the change comes in me letting go of old beliefs and staying open to the possibilities. Do I think we have a love connection? It’s hard to tell, but I do know he’s become more frequent in my life for a reason. My intuition is telling me to see where it goes. 

Spiritually, I’m being moved to forgiveness. Mostly of myself; that it’s okay for me to be a lover of knowledge and religions. I’m learning about goddesses and Higher Self and my intuition is telling me to keep going, without feeling guilty about it. I’m not betraying my Christian roots by studying the occult. If anything, it’ll bring me closer to my Higher Self. 

Stay fluid and open to life. The Universe is working in my favor. My intuition always wants what’s best for me. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Three of Swords. A dark and complex card, the Three of Swords is rarely a welcomed sight. Its wrath may come in the form of lies, betrayal, cheating, or heartbreak. There will be emotional entanglement and confusion. Do not try to make any decisions while in this state. Wait for your heart and spirit to mend. 

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