100 Questions: Day 30

What did I love to do as a child that I can do today? 

There were two things that I loved doing as a child who was more comfortable being in the house and an active imagination. The first thing is dancing. I love dancing. It doesn’t matter what style of dance it is, either. I just loved moving my body to the rhythm. For a while, I wanted to be a background dancer in music videos so I would videotape my favorite video, play it over and over until I got the moves right.  Dancing is still something I do everyday. 

The other thing is play video games. I was obsessed with playing them. From Super Mario Bros. to Mega Man (am I showing my age?) I played everything. It was fun for me to challenge myself to defeat a level I’d never thought I’d finish. It was a rush; my addiction. I neglected friends (unless the joined me) and chores to play. Now, I want to play but feel that I’m not good enough. Isn’t that crazy? With these new game consoles, I feel so out the loop on what to do and where to start that as an adult, video games overwhelm me. 

This past Christmas, I brought my daughter, a self-proclaimed “gamer”, a Playstation 4. Tonight, I’ll see if she’ll let me play Destiny. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Eight of Pentacles. A spider is a true master of her craft. She weaves against all odds with skill, intricacy, and confidence. The Eight of Pentacles requires a similar approach. Hone your skills. You are close to finding mastery at your craft, so strive for it. Pay attention to all the details. In some cases this could mean you need to find a new hobby, something you truly enjoy. Start a project. Become good at it.  

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