100 Questions: Day 33

Where in my life do I feel forced to take action? 

Where I live right now is nice, but I know that I’ve grown as much as I can here. I want a space that I can call my own. I want to be able to light my incense and burn sage without offending anyone. I love cooking in a kitchen with the windows and blinds open; playing music I like. I want to be the morning person I like being without having to be mindful that others are asleep. 

I feel the pressure to move within this home, too. Simply put, we’re all being cordial without looking at the huge pink elephant in the room. I don’t want to rush into a lease to a place I don’t love just to say I live alone. Plus, the urge for me to move out of this state has been coming up a lot as well. So I feel in limbo. I know I’m moving, I feel I should be moving, but something is saying “not right now.” 

When that time does come (and it is coming soon), I will pack everything and leave. Divine order is what I’m operating on. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Son of Wands. The Son of Wands is a true charmer. He’s adventurous, handsome, and seems to say all the right things. Some call him a “white knight” of the tarot. But at some point you may find he becomes hard to know. Trust your instincts with this one…perfection is an illusion. 

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