100 Questions: Day 35

In what ways can I appreciate myself more? 

This morning, I got the urge to start jogging. So I strapped on my favorite running sneakers, grabbed my headphones, and ran 3 miles. It was cool and comfortable and with the few people heading to church or work, I was running alone. When I got back home, I decided to turn my shower to a relaxing bath. I added Dead Sea salt and drops of cinnamon oil and just melted away. Afterwards, I opened all the windows that I could and fixed myself some french toast. It was an exceptional Sunday morning. 

Usually through the week, I’m rushing from one task to the next; often neglecting myself in the process. The reason I appreciate my weekends is not because I have the time off from work, but it’s the time(s) of the week where I get to focus on myself. I pay attention to what I need in that moment. So how can I appreciate myself more? By doing one thing for me and nobody else. From a quiet moment with my favorite cup of tea to sun salutations to even a 10 minute twerk before heading to work, I will bring something into my day for me. 


Tarot Card of the Day: Four of Swords. Though threating swords loom above, the lamb stays in stillness and without fear. The Four of Swords calls for you to look inward and find the mental power to cope with the pressures. It’s important to rest. Meditate or seek literature that focuses on quieting the mind. Take this time to recuperate and move inward before the swords strike. 

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