100 Questions: Day 40

What dream have I ignored, but keeps coming back? 

When I was 20, I applied for college, both in state and out. I had received two rejection letters from in state schools, but my spirits were high. Then, on my birthday, I got accepted to a school in Georgia; 900 miles away from home. My mom was against it, but I saw this as a sign. Needless to say, I went down South. 

My senior year of college, I got a nudge to move somewhere else. One day, the driver of the shuttle asked me what I planned to do after college. 

“Something is telling me to move to Chicago.” 

“Do you have family there?” 

“No. But I just have this feeling that I should be there.” 

The driver looked back at me and asked, “Is it the feeling of being shot?!? It’s dangerous up there.” 

And cold. Brutally cold. I didn’t have faith in it then, but every once in a while, I think of what kind of woman I’d be if I had just followed my gut and moved to Chicago instead of DC. The more I see a lot of Black holistic practitioners emerging from Chicago, the more I feel that I missed out. Was this the group I should’ve connected with?  Then I thought of moving back to Atlanta, but something about it never seemed to sit right in my heart. I’m lowkey a nomad at heart and want to live in as many places as I can and want. 

Now, my instinct tugs on that inner person again. This time, it’s California. From subliminal dreams to online quizzes to reading blogs and watching traveling shows, I feel my heart out there. I don’t know when, but when my gut says “It’s time!” I’m packing my duffle bag and taking the leap. I ignored the nudge once, I won’t do it again. 

Tarot Card of the Day: Daughter of Pentacles. You’ll usually find the Daughter of Pentacles behind the scenes rather than out in the spotlight. Though quite shy, she’s extremely hard working and responsible. She handles details and logistics well; people depend on her. She has a vast amount of inner strength. Like all of the Pentacles family, she thrives when in nature. 

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