100 Questions: Day 54

What plan feels forced or like it no longer fit my life? Can I let it go? 

The idea of “settling” for the sake of, oh, insert any reason that comes to mind that keeps a person in their comfort zone. For me, this could be a myriad of things. Mainly because I’ve always like comfort and comfortable surroundings. I want a cozy home, a comfortable job, a cushy relationship; the basics to keep me content. But the inevitable happens: my soul cries out for more. Maybe it’s my purpose, maybe boredom. I haven’t quite figured out how to distinguish the two. 

Could it be that I need to let go what my idea and definition of comfort is? Because staying anywhere for the sake of not wanting to see what’s on the other side definitely doesn’t serve me anymore. It’s time to do some unlearning. 

Tarot Card of the Day: Temperance. The great blue heron remains calm and peaceful as she blends the opposing elements of fire and water. The Temperance card asks you to be a moderator just like the heron. Focus on cooperation and compromise. If you’ve been excessive with one aspect of your life, practice self-restraint and moderation now. You’ll find a new sense of healing and balance from bringing a little harmony back into your life. 

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