100 Questions: Day 62

How am I standing in my own way? 

The weekend before my birthday trip, I was running a few errands but I really needed to clear my mind. My parents were still trying to talk me out of the trip. They went on and on about how dangerous it is to travel alone and, when hearing how little I’ve planned, told me that I wasn’t ready to go anywhere and that I was stupid for still wanting to leave. 

While waiting for the train, a slow panic attack came over me. My chest started getting heavy. My thoughts started racing by with how I was crazy for doing this. In that moment, I wanted to scream and cancel my trip altogether. They were right. I had no clothes, no spending money, and I was flying halfway around the world. Who did I think I was to even do something like this? And then the tears started to flow. I connected with my breath and just cried because I saw me standing in my own way. I had to remind myself of why I was going and because I want to live a more authentic life, some of my decisions won’t be popular. Hell, some of the things I try might result in failure, but I have to try. 

Tarot Card of the Day: Two of Cups. Alas, the much adored Two of Cups. When this card appears you can anticipate new love to be heading your way. And yes, this usually means romance…but sometimes it points to the birth of a dear and lasting friendship. Either way, the connection between you will be pure, honest, and solid. Open your heart and get ready. 

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