#XD7 – Seven – The Conversation 

Darius rushed after Alexis, who has steamrolled out of the house.

“Wait! Hold up!” he quickened his pace to catch up to her. The two not-so-strangers stopped on the middle of the lawn. Darius grabbed Alexis’ arm and motioned for her to turn in his direction. Alexis spun so hard that her unruly natural curls flew into her face. She blew them out of her face and stared into her Sexy Stranger. Darius. His eyes were a pool of confusion and warmth.

“What the hell was that back there?” he said, pointed back at her childhood home. “Is that how you talk to your mom?”

Alexis felt a sharp pain in her heart. She felt that he was judging her; erasing all of the fun they had together over a few words that meant nothing to her. Why is he being so rash? And why did this bother me so much? Do I…LIKE like him?!

“Yes, and so?” Alexis looked down at her feet, which she was fidgeting before he looked up at him. “I just don’t like her all up in my business, that’s all.”

“She loves you. She cares about you. She’s your damn mother, for Christ sake!” he said; each sentence louder than the last.

“Right. MY mother. So I’ll talk to her how I want to, and you talk to your mother how YOU want to. Agreed?” she looked to see that it was him now looking at his feet.

“We should…get going now.”

#XD7 – Six – The Relatives

When they arrived, Alexis’ mother, Beverly, was more accommodating than she anticipated, which made her nauseous.

“Please, help yourself to whatever you like! We were just sitting down for dinner.” Beverly said bubbly to the addition at the family table.

“Thank you, ma’am.” he replied. “Everything looks delicious.”

“Now, is there anything you don’t eat?” she motioned for him to sit at the table. Alexis spoke up.

“No, he eats everything. Especially my pussy.”

“Alexis!” her mother shrieked.  “I’m sorry….um….”

“Darius, ma’am.” he finally said with a smile.

“Yes. Well, you have to forgive her. She can be a bit…blunt.” she chuckled nervously at her daughter, who looked down at her nails. “Are you going to join us?”

“Sure, mom.” she said nonchalantly. “After having a bunch of sex for weeks on end, you work up an appetite.”

“Lex, nobody cares about your sex life.” her brother, Simon said as he came down the stairs, staring at his phone.

Beverly quickly changed the subject. “So how is Andrea?”


“So…are you okay with the rent? Because you didn’t deposit the last check I sent? Is everything okay.”

Alexis slammed her hands on the table. “Dammit, Mom! That’s why I never come over here. I’m with a man I have incredible, mind-blowing sex with after meeting him at a gas station and you nag me about rent?! You’ve never believed in me. Ugh! Come on, let’s go.” she motioned to Darius, a man whose name she just learned.

#XD7 – Five – The Detour

I could fall in love with this woman. 

He looked in his rear view mirror to see her, curled up on his makeshift bed, asleep. He loved watching her sleep; watching her chest rise and fall. He loved that as much as the sex and man, the sex! The first night, she was very aggressive; grabbing his back and pulling him closer. Her tongue traced the inside of his mouth hungrily, and he matched her vigor. When he first entered her, she didn’t flinch like most women he’d slept with. Instead, it was as if her body was like a LEGO piece; just waiting for him. He felt in sync for the first time in his life.

This became their ebb and flow. Each morning, he would do a delivery and pick up a new shipment. Depending on the state, he would take his lady out on the town where they would have more sex. More brazen than the last time. Whether it was in a Gap dressing room at the Mall of America or the woods of Yosemite Park, she was always ready and eager. But he started to love more about her; like when she would tilt her head when she laughed.

He saw her stirring on the bed. “Where are we going?” she said half-sleep.

“We’re on our way to Washington, DC.” he said back

She stretched and crawled up behind his chair, kissing him on his neck.

“Could we stop somewhere while we’re there?”

#XD7 – Four – The Ride

“You don’t have a lot of people in here, do you?” Alexis finally broke the silence in the truck with Sexy Stranger. She had no idea where they were going. She was actually too mesmerized by her bold actions to even ask. Plus the roads at night were so peaceful that she just preferred to enjoy the ride.

The Sexy Stranger cleared his throat. “I…usually get an occasional hitchhiker but…no.” he fumbled with his words a little, as if he was nervous. “I’m sorry. Am I being too quiet?”

Alexis touched his arm playfully and felt his defined biceps. She tingled at the thought of those same biceps wrapped around her. “Oh, no!” she playfully giggled. “It’s just that…you seemed to be focused on the road.”

He smiled and Alexis saw those dimples again. Deeply ingrained into his cheeks. The dimples that made her hop into his truck. Abandon her life and home.

“I take this route all the time, so I’m not that focused.” he said. “I was just thinking.”

“Care to share?”

Sexy Stranger looked Alexis in the eyes. They’re so beautiful.

“I”m wondering what a beautiful girl like you is doing getting into big rigs.”

Alexis unfastened her seat belt and climbed out of the seat; slyly checking to see if he was peeking at her butt. She crawled back onto the bed where she stretched out on her side.

“I’m doing this.” she said seductively. “Now, pull over.”

This was the first ride.

#XD7- Three- The Meeting

It’s almost as if he could hear his mother’s voice clear as day as soon as he locked eyes with her.

“Get yourself a wife so I won’t worry about you so much.” 

It was as if his mom arranged this encounter at a gas station store because she knew her son and she knew that even in her death, she needed to intervene. She knew once her son heard of her passing that he would take the money she left him for a single family home and place it into a 18-wheel truck. She knew her only son would rather be alone, driving across the country out of fear of losing another loved one than settle. And that’s why their eyes met. 

“Nice try, Ma.” he smiled to himself as he walked out the store. He approached his truck and checked the gas nozzle.  Finished. Now I can get back on track. Another woman’s voice called out to him. 

“You mind if I join you?” 

#XD7- Two – The Store

Alexis always loved the gas station store around the corner from her loft. She never had the patience to go to regular grocery stores or the big cart, big assed, stopping in the middle of the aisle losers who shop there. She entered the store and was immediately welcomed by the smell of stale coffee and the low hum of the florescent lights above. These things comforted her as she walked to her favorite aisle – cakes. She shuffled through the shelves looking for her favorite: orange creme cupcakes. Yes! she whispered as she grabbed every cupcake off the shelves.

“Should I get chips, too? ” Alexis thought aloud while searching the chip aisle. She fumbled with the packages of cupcakes in her hand while reaching for a bag of Funyans and hot Cheetos. Alexis thought she had a grip on everything, but one determined pack slipped out of the comfortable fold in her arm and onto the floor. As she was reaching for it, she noticed a hand reach for it.

“I’m getting it!” Alexis said but the hand already picked it up.

“It’s okay. You look like you needed some help. You know they have hand carts here?” the hand placed the cupcake back in Alexis’ arm and flashed a smile. Alexis was curious about this strange man with deep dimples. Her eyes traced all over his body. Measured his outline. Looked for a print. The friendly hand smiled at Alexis and walked towards the door.

Alexis wanted some more.

#XD7- One- The Rent

Alexis stared at her Macbook screen. The cursor blinked on the blank screen; as if it was an impatient lover waiting for her to decide what to eat for dinner. She stared at the screen as if she was waiting for the words to magically form and create her blog post. But no ideas came to her, at least they would’ve if her roommate wasn’t banging on the door so loudly, she thought.

“Lex. LEX!” her roommate, Andrea banged on the door with the palm of her hand. “We gotta…”

Alexis swung the door open and let out a sigh. “I’m trying to write.” she scoffed.

“You know that the rent is due on the 15th.” Andrea was annoyed that she had to remind her every single month of this occurrence as if she was twelve.

“Okay, well lend me the money.” Alexis stuck her hand out.

“Oh come on! It’s only $650. Why don’t you ask…”

“No. And you know why I can’t.

It was Andrea’s turn to scoff. “It can’t be all that bad between you two. All you have to do is call…”

Alexis pushed past her nagging roommate and reached for her jacket and keys. “Yeah, sure. I’ll ‘call’. Like my calls don’t automatically go to voicemail.”

“You’re being dramatic, Lex. Just call and get the rent money ON TIME this month. I’d hate to have to put your stuff out.”

Alexis blew a kiss and raised her middle finger on the way out the door.

It’s Time For a (Writing) Challenge!

Okay, so I know I was suppose to be finishing my 100 questions, and I promise I will. I even have a new deck to display! It’s called the Travel Anywhere deck and it gives you an activity to do each day (which is a great treat for all my readers, if I must say so myself!) which is perfect for summertime.

But that’s not what this post is about. No. It’s about another writing challenge! I’m excited to start another short story and the theme of this one is: Summer Lust. You can read the full details of the challenge here, but here’s some of the highlights:

  • the post can only be 250 words long
  • original work
  • all titles should have #XD7 in the beginning
  • have fun!

So if you’re interested, join me in this summer writing challenge and I’ll see you tomorrow!

100 Questions: Day 65

When do I feel most alive? 

(Editor’s Note: Please excuse my inconsistency with my posting. I’ll be back on schedule Monday. Now…on with the answer!) 

This question feels like a list…because there’s a lot of things that make me feel the most alive, you know, besides the obvious being alive. But even in that revelation, you’d be amazed at how many people are just “existing” and not really “living” or “being alive” but I digress.

  • Running outdoors. When my feet hit the pavement and my breathing begins to quicken, and I get to feel every breeze. Sunday mornings are perfect times for me to run outdoors. When it’s just me and the birds and an occasional squirrel outdoors, I feed off of it in a organic way.
  •  Dancing. Doesn’t even matter what type it is. I love to dance and anytime I can put my body into motion, I come alive. If I’m at a gym, you’d probably catch me in a Zumba class or even Belly Dancing if they offer it. Recently, I took up Pole classes and even with the horrible stereotype attached to it (not every woman who takes this class wants to be a stripper…in a club), I loved every spin and trick I mastered. Dancing has always been that creative outlet for me that has allowed me to be as expressive as I want to be and to move how it feels right for me.
  • Sex. Driver, roll up the partition, please! Yes, I feel alive during good sex ( I should emphasize GOOD here because….) and in the days afterwards. When you connect with a good partner and you’re both in sync with what’s going on intimately between you two, it can be almost otherworldly. Being that present and in tune with another person can be frightening for some but for me, it’s an intensity that I feel in every cell of my body. 

So those are the top three things that make me feel alive, with food (eating food, cooking food, shopping for food) as an honorable mention. 


Tarot Card of the Day: The Hanged Man. Many people talk about the art of “letting go”. But what does it really mean? How do you achieve it? The Hanged Man has all the answers; he’s the master of non-attachment. This card implies a sacrifice, a difficult or painful situation coming up in your life. Though you naturally want to resist and struggle through it, be more like the Hanged Man. Find stillness, open your eyes, and use this new perspective to learn something. You’re stuck either way.