100 Questions: Day 65

When do I feel most alive? 

(Editor’s Note: Please excuse my inconsistency with my posting. I’ll be back on schedule Monday. Now…on with the answer!) 

This question feels like a list…because there’s a lot of things that make me feel the most alive, you know, besides the obvious being alive. But even in that revelation, you’d be amazed at how many people are just “existing” and not really “living” or “being alive” but I digress.

  • Running outdoors. When my feet hit the pavement and my breathing begins to quicken, and I get to feel every breeze. Sunday mornings are perfect times for me to run outdoors. When it’s just me and the birds and an occasional squirrel outdoors, I feed off of it in a organic way.
  •  Dancing. Doesn’t even matter what type it is. I love to dance and anytime I can put my body into motion, I come alive. If I’m at a gym, you’d probably catch me in a Zumba class or even Belly Dancing if they offer it. Recently, I took up Pole classes and even with the horrible stereotype attached to it (not every woman who takes this class wants to be a stripper…in a club), I loved every spin and trick I mastered. Dancing has always been that creative outlet for me that has allowed me to be as expressive as I want to be and to move how it feels right for me.
  • Sex. Driver, roll up the partition, please! Yes, I feel alive during good sex ( I should emphasize GOOD here because….) and in the days afterwards. When you connect with a good partner and you’re both in sync with what’s going on intimately between you two, it can be almost otherworldly. Being that present and in tune with another person can be frightening for some but for me, it’s an intensity that I feel in every cell of my body. 

So those are the top three things that make me feel alive, with food (eating food, cooking food, shopping for food) as an honorable mention. 


Tarot Card of the Day: The Hanged Man. Many people talk about the art of “letting go”. But what does it really mean? How do you achieve it? The Hanged Man has all the answers; he’s the master of non-attachment. This card implies a sacrifice, a difficult or painful situation coming up in your life. Though you naturally want to resist and struggle through it, be more like the Hanged Man. Find stillness, open your eyes, and use this new perspective to learn something. You’re stuck either way. 

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