#XD7- One- The Rent

Alexis stared at her Macbook screen. The cursor blinked on the blank screen; as if it was an impatient lover waiting for her to decide what to eat for dinner. She stared at the screen as if she was waiting for the words to magically form and create her blog post. But no ideas came to her, at least they would’ve if her roommate wasn’t banging on the door so loudly, she thought.

“Lex. LEX!” her roommate, Andrea banged on the door with the palm of her hand. “We gotta…”

Alexis swung the door open and let out a sigh. “I’m trying to write.” she scoffed.

“You know that the rent is due on the 15th.” Andrea was annoyed that she had to remind her every single month of this occurrence as if she was twelve.

“Okay, well lend me the money.” Alexis stuck her hand out.

“Oh come on! It’s only $650. Why don’t you ask…”

“No. And you know why I can’t.

It was Andrea’s turn to scoff. “It can’t be all that bad between you two. All you have to do is call…”

Alexis pushed past her nagging roommate and reached for her jacket and keys. “Yeah, sure. I’ll ‘call’. Like my calls don’t automatically go to voicemail.”

“You’re being dramatic, Lex. Just call and get the rent money ON TIME this month. I’d hate to have to put your stuff out.”

Alexis blew a kiss and raised her middle finger on the way out the door.

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