#XD7- Two – The Store

Alexis always loved the gas station store around the corner from her loft. She never had the patience to go to regular grocery stores or the big cart, big assed, stopping in the middle of the aisle losers who shop there. She entered the store and was immediately welcomed by the smell of stale coffee and the low hum of the florescent lights above. These things comforted her as she walked to her favorite aisle – cakes. She shuffled through the shelves looking for her favorite: orange creme cupcakes. Yes! she whispered as she grabbed every cupcake off the shelves.

“Should I get chips, too? ” Alexis thought aloud while searching the chip aisle. She fumbled with the packages of cupcakes in her hand while reaching for a bag of Funyans and hot Cheetos. Alexis thought she had a grip on everything, but one determined pack slipped out of the comfortable fold in her arm and onto the floor. As she was reaching for it, she noticed a hand reach for it.

“I’m getting it!” Alexis said but the hand already picked it up.

“It’s okay. You look like you needed some help. You know they have hand carts here?” the hand placed the cupcake back in Alexis’ arm and flashed a smile. Alexis was curious about this strange man with deep dimples. Her eyes traced all over his body. Measured his outline. Looked for a print. The friendly hand smiled at Alexis and walked towards the door.

Alexis wanted some more.

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