#XD7 – Four – The Ride

“You don’t have a lot of people in here, do you?” Alexis finally broke the silence in the truck with Sexy Stranger. She had no idea where they were going. She was actually too mesmerized by her bold actions to even ask. Plus the roads at night were so peaceful that she just preferred to enjoy the ride.

The Sexy Stranger cleared his throat. “I…usually get an occasional hitchhiker but…no.” he fumbled with his words a little, as if he was nervous. “I’m sorry. Am I being too quiet?”

Alexis touched his arm playfully and felt his defined biceps. She tingled at the thought of those same biceps wrapped around her. “Oh, no!” she playfully giggled. “It’s just that…you seemed to be focused on the road.”

He smiled and Alexis saw those dimples again. Deeply ingrained into his cheeks. The dimples that made her hop into his truck. Abandon her life and home.

“I take this route all the time, so I’m not that focused.” he said. “I was just thinking.”

“Care to share?”

Sexy Stranger looked Alexis in the eyes. They’re so beautiful.

“I”m wondering what a beautiful girl like you is doing getting into big rigs.”

Alexis unfastened her seat belt and climbed out of the seat; slyly checking to see if he was peeking at her butt. She crawled back onto the bed where she stretched out on her side.

“I’m doing this.” she said seductively. “Now, pull over.”

This was the first ride.

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