#XD7 – Conclusion – The Home

Alexis didn’t think that her whirlwind summer fling would come to this: sitting in silence, barely acknowledging each other’s presence as the highway seemed to go on for miles. Ever since they left her mother’s house, he has been very distant towards her. The few times Darius did speak to her was to ask if she was okay or needed to stop. The smile she become accustomed to seeing was no longer; instead he was focused on the road ahead Alexis thought of what she could say to break the tension between them, but could only think of one thing.  She placed her hand ontop of his.

“I’m sorry.” she said almost in a whisper.

Darius sighed. He grabbed her hand and pressed the back of it on his lips; a gesture that sent waves up Alexis’ body.

“I’m sorry, too.”

*                                   *                                  *                              *                                    *                                    *

Alexis returned back to the flat to see Andrea sitting on the couch, reading a magazine.

“Girl, where have you been?! I haven’t seen you in weeks!” she stormed off the couch.

“I went out.” Alexis waved off; too busy in her own head to fully give her roommate any real energy.

“You know today’s the 15th and did you at least call your mom? I can’t keep paying rent…..”

Alexis walked to her room and closed the door. She plopped down on her bed and thought about her week. She heard her roommate talking through the door but she didn’t care.

She had to blog about her summer.

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