100 Questions: Day 69

What am I avoiding right now in my life?  

The last 48 hours have been very overwhelming to me in the most beautiful way possible. A few months back, I made a speech, from the heart at a retirement party that resonated with one guest in particular. She came into my office and after talking to her for quite some time, she offered to pay my tuition so that I can finish college. Later on in that day, my mom calls me to tell me that she’s getting a new car and she wants to give me her old one. Both ladies are looking for a response on what it is I want to do and fast. 

So why am I afraid? 

Everything that is happening are things that I’ve thought about years ago. Getting a degree, having a mentor, gaining the freedom to drive….seeing these come to fruition is intimidating to me. I talk a lot about my words and thoughts being powerful…but to actually see it happening is overwhelming. 

I got comfortable with being a dreamer. I haven’t navigated how to be a doer. People see something great in me that I can’t even see sometimes. I want to avoid disappointing people who believe in me, but what I’m really avoiding is the greatness that is within me. 

I’ll figure it out. 

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