100 Questions: Day 70

What have I stopped doing that I want to start again? 

This is a no-brainer for me. It’s pole dancing!


I’ve always been interested in learning how to pole dance since I mentioned it as a sexy way to spruce up my love life. Figured, if I learn some tricks and spins, that I could whip out a nice bedroom routine or have it in my arsenal just in case (whatever that case is…lol!). Plus, my then boyfriend encouraged me to sign up for a class. He was just as enthusiastic about the pole classes as I was. Still, I never worked up the courage to go to a studio. And then we broke up and I moved out. For a moment, that reasoning for wanting to take pole disappeared. I didn’t have a reason to go. That is, until I went looking for a gym that was a hub of everything that I love: various dancing forms.

Once I found the gym I was hooked! It became less and less about being sexy and more about being able to do a spin properly. Pole classes taught me to be confident in who I am as a woman. To trust in myself and my body. I got stronger in more ways than one for the two consecutive years that I attended classes. I would think back on the classes where I was drenched in sweat, trying to coordinate my legs and my arms to put me in the perfect front hook, and laugh. In those moments, I wanted to quit so badly. But I didn’t want to give up on myself. I looked forward to learning new spins. Pole classes was something I was dedicated and committed to.

I stopped taking classes because my membership had expired, however I know after writing that it’s time for me to go back. Pole classes was my outlet. My release. With each class, I had something to work towards. I need that type of challenge back in my life again.

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