100 Questions: Day 78

What project can I give new life to? 

Credit: borderlandswp.wordpress.com
Credit: borderlandswp.wordpress.com

I’m a lover of words. So naturally, I love writing words down. Forming sentences that turn into paragraphs that fill an entire page. I’ve always had a journal with me and would write whenever something came to mind. I’m not sure if journaling is a project that I can get back into, but I plan to do so.

Writing things down in whatever capacity that I do is therapy for me. Even this blog, is a record of my thoughts, life, and revelations. I usually limit my journaling to when I’m having a hard time and just need to “put it all on paper.” But, I want to use my journal for more than just airing out my bad times. I want a Dream Journal, a Meditation Journal, a Gratitude Journal, and even a Random Thoughts journal! I want to get in the practice of writing in my journal more consistently.

That’s my answer for today.

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