100 Questions: Day 79

What is the silver lining of my current situation? 

In order for me to see the silver lining of my current situation, I would have to lay out my current situation. Currently, I’m working at a job that pays me well, but doesn’t feed my spirit. I’ve come to terms that Computer Love was a moment in time and have started the process of moving on. I still couch surf while getting over the chatter that it’s impossible to live in the city without having a roommate. Speaking of moving out, I still wrestle with a nagging feeling that where I currently am isn’t where I’m suppose to stay. So to sum up my current situation, I’m starting to pull back the veil on where I am in life but not knowing where I should go next. What’s the silver lining?


Sometimes the silver lining is knowing that you are exactly where you’re suppose to be. My job where it pays my bills and nothing else? I’ve met some amazing people who have seen my growth as a woman and become inspired by my everyday actions. That relationship that didn’t pan out? He taught me to be more confident in who and what I am and prepared me for the bigger and better relationship that will stick. Couch surfing has shown me that I can budget, to compromise, and I save money on dinner because we cook as a family. I’m not on the street and I have a pretty nice support system that want to see me in my own place. Finding out the truth of where I am right now has allowed me to not only look back and remember when times were a lot worse, but it shows me that I can handle whatever life throws at me. My situation isn’t ideal, but it’s what I need to propel me into the next phase. I’m ready!

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