100 Questions: Day 80

What relationship can I remove myself from? 

Have you ever heard of cord cutting? Well…before I go there, let me take a few steps back and ask you this question: are you aware that you have energetic cords with people in your life? You know, that one ex that you can’t get over of that friend who you haven’t spoken to in years after you missed her birthday party at a karaoke bar. That’s a cord, and essentially that cord connects you to a person via…what else….energy. Yes, that very popular “your thoughts are powerful” mantra really comes into play here. So going back to cord cutting, that is essentially what you’re doing; you stop giving energy to a person (or persons, if you’re a multi-tasker like myself). You reclaim that energy that has left you drained and depleted, that energy that feels completely one-sided and transfer it to another person (hopefully yourself!). Cord cutting is serious business. How? Ever wonder why as soon as you move on with your life, that ex shows up “out of nowhere”? Sometimes, your energy is so strong, that when you withdraw it, that person can feel it. That’s where the “hey stranger” texts come from!


I have always had an issue with letting people go. Not only do I not want to seem like I’ve failed in any relationship, but I have a tendency to over-analyze everything. I’ll go through every single detail of our relationship; wondering where I went wrong and if it can still be salvaged. Little do I know, I keep that cord active within me and with that other person, even after said person has moved on from me. This morning, I was consumed by thoughts of HomieLoverFriend and how our cultural views were so polar opposite that I questioned why we stayed in touch as long as we did.  Was I that desperate to be in a relationship and have someone “claim” me? But I know by getting upset at one of our many disagreements and arguments zaps me of energy and really puts me in a funk; just like they did in the moment. So I need to energetically cut the cord on him. Direct that energy back into me, just like I did with Computer Love. Use that on me and be full to the brim so that when the time comes, our energetic cords will be live, active, and free flowing.

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