100 Questions: Day 83

What miracles have I recently witnessed? 

It’s amazing that this question comes up on the last day at my job. I’ve been here for close to 5 years and when my boss sat all of us in the department down and told us that we wouldn’t be working there anymore, I was shocked. The silver lining (if you even want to call it that) was that my boss could only keep one of us in the department. Everybody just knew it would be me. Everybody whispered that, because I had been in the company the longest, that I was the shoe-in to be the cheese that stands alone. But, Life had other plans and I wasn’t chosen…and it has been the best decision ever.


The week I found out that I wasn’t going to work at my current job anymore, I got an e-mail from an agency looking for potential clients. So in the spirit of being proactive, I sent my CV and resume in. The recruiter called me that afternoon; eager to meet with me and get me in a place of employment. Yesterday, a guy on my floor that I have talked to in passing for years stopped by to tell me that it was on his spirit to talk to me. He runs a performance troupe and he feels that I can help him out. Then another lady that I assisted in the past told me about a position she feels that I would be perfect for. On top of that, my work Auntie put in so many good words for me when she heard I was leaving that I just felt overwhelmed with emotion and love.

The miracle, aside from knowing that the Universe is providing me with such abundance, is that I’m witnessing the love and appreciation that I show for people being multiplied in my own situation. I’d been talking about wanting a village and unbeknownst to me, I’ve had one all along at my job. It just didn’t look or talk the way I thought it would. I leave my job today with such a light heart and know that I’m being encouraged and guided by not only God, but by the people that have assembled into my life. THAT’S the real miracle.

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