100 Questions: Day 90

What act of kindness can I do right now? 

I recently had a chat with my mom and we were talking about a variety of subject but since we’re in the season, naturally the conversation turned to Thanksgiving dinner and what was being served. I was looking to hearing about what time dinner would be and what time should I be ready.  I know my mom, even though she complains, always does it up big for Thanksgiving and I wanted to be ready.


But that’s exactly it, my mom complains. Not because it’s Thanksgiving because my mother has always shown her love for us in the food she cooks. No, she complains because as she gets older, cooking so much food alone is a daunting task for her. She gets tired easier and is a diabetic. So I volunteered to help her in the kitchen today with prepping. She stubbornly said no, but I’m going over there anyway. She’ll fuss that I’m in her way, and I’ll chop up as many onions as she needs. She’ll criticize how long its taking me to snap peas, but she’ll make sure I learn how she makes her lemon cake so moist.

When you show a random act of kindness, it has a way of spreading into other areas of life and touches a variety of people. It really is like the gift that keeps on giving. I’m not saying you should help your mom out in the kitchen to show kindness. A random act of kindness could be helping someone with their bags, or telling that co-worker they look nice today, or giving up your seat to someone on the subway. Whatever it is, random acts of kindness not only makes the other person feel good, but you’ll get the residual feel goods as well.

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