100 Questions: Day 92

Where can I be more courageous with my heart? 

Last night, I witnessed a series of tweets from a follower that really had me thinking. Of course, this is the time of year when we look back over the year to see what’s happened: the good, the bad, and the “you don’t even want to know.” But these series of tweets resonated with me; more like a confirmation because I had just reached that conclusion in my own inward reflection. There was one tweet she mentioned that really stood out for me. She said:

No need to continue doing small ass things when the purpose of you being on this earth wasn’t ever to be small or minimize yourself. – @missjia

I listen to my heart all the time, but the thought of acting on it always stifles me. Now, there are times when I push through that paralyzing fear, like my solo trip to South Africa, but I want to make more choices like that. When I do what feels right for me, it always works out in the end. Maybe because I sorta know the outcome of it, however I want to be that way with the unknown. If my heart is okay with being in between jobs, why would I allow outside factors to tell me I need to apply everywhere? That’s a disservice to me. That’s not courageous, that’s fear. If my heart is telling me that I’ll meet someone new, why would I entertain the old? Just to say I have someone? If I know in my heart that I need to move out on my own next year, why not take that leap? Afraid you don’t have what it takes to finally be out on your own sans parents and roommates? How will I know if I don’t take that risk?


When you’ve started over like I have, you pretty much know what’s the worse that can happen to you; because you’ve lived through it. But oftentimes, as I’ve seen with myself, we don’t want to live through it again. We don’t like to repeat the same thing because it tends to be an indicator that we haven’t learned. But life is all about cycles and the best thing about it is you have everything you need to succeed within you. So cheers to taking more risks in 2016!


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