100 Questions: Day 96

What payoff is no longer pleasing me?

Another one that I’ll keep very brief. There’s a song by one of my favorite groups, Little Jackie, that I would sing for months after finding out my college sweetheart had move on and found the love of his life.

In the chorus, the lead singer says one line that I would scream to the heavens: Love will find me eventually.  At the time, I held that belief to be true; just stay still and continue to live your life and in time, you will love again. That if I just stop looking, that what I was looking for would come to me; I would find the love of my life.


Well, that thinking has only been a disservice to myself and here’s why. I have left experiencing love in the hands of someone else, or something else…instead of finding it within me. Love shouldn’t have to find me, love is already within me.  Love isn’t a person, it’s an energy. So I’ll be spending time tapping into the love I already possess from now on.




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