100 Questions: Day 97

What action step can I take today that my future self will hug me for?

You know one of the potential pitfalls has been for me being a true, unrestricted dreamer? I lack the follow-through. I’ll see something that I want, or get a vision of what it is that I’m suppose to do, and then leave it up to fate how it’ll get done. While there’s nothing wrong with leaving things up to fate, I can admit that there are some dreams that require my follow-through on.

aubrey parks

So the action step I can take today is…to just take action. If I know that I’m spiritually moved to live in California, my action would be to research places to live, search for job openings, and narrow down where in the state I could see myself living. Plan a trip out West. Find a Airbnb in a potential neighborhood.  In this case, my “dream” of living in California becomes my reality because of the steps I plan to take.

Oh by the way, that’s actually a goal of mines. I’m sure my future self will give me the biggest bear hug in our apartment near the beach.

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