100 Question: Day 100

 What new beginning am I being guided to?

Let me just say that doing 100 questions has been a true labor of love.  I definitely fell off a few times but I will say this: because of these questions, this became a year that I did some much needed self-reflection. These questions made me really delve into myself and really see where I am and where I need to change. I encourage anyone reading this to answer some (or all) of these questions in 2016.

Now, on to the final answer of 2015.  The end of a year always brings about reflection and also goal setting in lieu of resolutions. For the past two weeks, I have truly been in a zone. I got a push from my spiritual guides to really set goals for myself this new year. Before, I was just going with the wind and picking goals for myself that sound great in theory, but I never saw come into fruition. Mostly because I was playing small. I’m being pushed to be greater than I have ever imagined myself to be. So for the last day of 2015, let’s decide to not play small, to take more risks, and to be okay with making mistakes.


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